Huge congrats go out to Paul R. Gagne and Melissa Reilly Ellard of Weston Woods Studios, Inc. They produced the animated version of Patrick McDonnell's 2008 book Me...Jane, which is the 2015 recipient of the Andrew Carnegie Medal for excellence in children’s video. The DVD is distributed by Scholastic Books. The Carnegie Medal honors an outstanding American video production...
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    Congrats....can't wait to see it...cuz I loved the book!
    — dogedogedimnd
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    "A fortunate chain of events..."
    — Bettina Ledesma
Dog Fancy magazine published it's list of "45 People Who Changed the Dog World." And number 25 is MUTTS creator Patrick McDonnell! The magazine raves, "His MUTTS cartoon, which Peanuts creator Charles Schulz called 'one of the best comic strops of all time,' makes dog lovers laugh, but even better, it promotes pet adoption." The magazine is produced by the creators of...
Brain Pickings is a favorite blog of many of us at So we were thrilled to see this wonderful post about Patrick's book Me ... Jane. Maria Popova praises the book's "simple, enormously expressive illustrations and an eloquent economy of words." We loved the beautiful photos of the book included in the post, as well as this beautiful sentiment: "That...